Turbo Launcher EX

Turbo Launcher EX 1.9.7

Turbo Launcher EX——Fastest interaction,Best Design,3D launcher

Turbo Launcher EX——Fastest interaction,Best Design,3D launcher

Turbo Launcher EX

Turbo Launcher EX ——super smooth, easy to operate, practical functions

With A high-speed smooth 3D engine technology, Turbo EX Launcher optimizes the UI design and interactive experience based on the original Turbo Launcher.

Turbo Launcher EX brings you:

Massive new themes are free;

Kaleidoscopic wallpaper is free;

Rich versatile widgets are free;

This is not just a simple fashion visual feast;

Every moment of Turbo launcher makes you feel the pleasure of speed......



1.New gesture, swipe up and down, we will show you the recent apps and status bar by one step.

2. Speed smooth 3D engine gives you different feelings of sliding;

3. New 3D dock bar design gives you a cool visual feast!

4. 3D Calendar widget comprehensive upgrade, only Turbo EX Launcher can be!

5. Evolve press function, one finger to play your mobile!

6. Our designer optimize the UI design, come on, have a try~

7. Constantly filled with the theme of the library, let us beautify your mobile phone!

8. Convenient application management: hiding, sorting, uninstalling, just need one step;

9. Extensive built-in widgets: one-click Cleanup, search, weather clock...;

10. Folder turns from the screen, the disorderly application will be taken in the box!

11. Quick contacts, go and try to add closest Mr. Right ~

12. Well-prepared crystal, windmill, wave, and other speed sliding effects are available!

Turbo Launcher EX


Turbo Launcher EX 1.9.7